Imports Exclusive--We Work For You


With over 15 years of importing experience, Imports Exclusive offers a hands-on, totally personalized solution for garden centers and distributors. We have an extensive network of contacts in Vietnam, China, Mexico and Italy that all work together to bring superior quality and the latest designs and products to you reliably and with the most flexibility.

We want to be your partners and work with you to help your business grow.

Early Booking & Open Stock Options

We offer small minimums and hands-on services in our early booking and open stock programs.

About Us

Direct from Vietnam

Garden decorative items, planters both large and small, and terrific colors.

Direct from China

A wide range of pottery and fountains from China with a great selection of finishes.

Wholesale Pottery and More

Direct importing made easy

Trade Shows

Come visit us at an industry or distributor trade show near you.